Schools Film and Photography Festival Awards




  • Competition commences 24th September 2018 until 8th March 2019.
  • First-tier Judges from 8th March – 14th March 2019.
  • Announcement of nominees who will then have to attend will be known on 14th March 2019.
  • Awards evening 27th April 2019.



  • Winners and runners up will win and award which they can keep.
  • Winners and runners up can also win prizes.
  • If an Organisation, schools, charities submits contents via the competitions.
  • If a parent of an individual child submits via a competition, they can win a family prize.




  • Any submission must have the knowledge and consent of parents.
  • On our website and social media, the name of the group, school, organisation and charity will be displayed along the content.
  • For individual content only, the child/youth first name and surname initially will be displayed.
  • On the evening of the nomination, the school, youth group, charity, organisation and name of children that are involved will be announced.
  • Winners will be announced by full name and initial surname and in some instances ages to the media.
  • Only details on the submissions forms is seen by staff of SPFP Awards and Judges, details are not disclosed to third parties.



  • All children/young people, groups, schools, community groups, organisation and charities can enter in all categories up to 8th March 2019. In references to Schools, the whole schools can enter as long as children aged 7 plus are taking part.
  • Teachers, parents, youth leaders, adults can assist children and young people with their filming, writing and photography categories. We expect children and young people to contribute a fair bit to the contents.
  • All submission forms must be sent with each content. This is to help identity the Judges with the submissions.
  • All submissions will be published on website and our social media pages.
  • Submission can be submitted via a School, Youth Group, Community Centre/Organisation, Charity or Individual.
  • Submissions can be share or email via facebook/SFPFAWards, twtter AwardsSFPF, We transfer link or email



  • No profanity
  • No excessive violence, unless used in context of a story and must show repercussions for bad behaviour.
  • No racist or sexual offensive words.
  • Family-friendly content.
  • 30 seconds to 5 minutes.



  • Selfies are allowed for portraits.
  • No photographs of under 18 without parental consent/group leader/school teacher.



  • Original story must not be violating anyone’s copyright.
  • Adapted story can be inspired by.
  • Stories can be written without screenwriting format.
  • Comics, TV Script, Narration script, commercial script, animation and video games scripts are permitted.
  • Will accepts stories in orally submission.

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